About Urbanation

Urbanation was founded by Eve Lewis in 1981, when high rise condominiums in Toronto were considered a niche product and represented a small sliver of the housing market. Over the past three decades, condos have grown to over half of all new home development, 30% of all resale activity and 20% of all rental apartment supply in the Toronto CMA. In witnessing the industry evolve to its prominent standing through several market cycles, Urbanation has developed a deep and unparalleled understanding of the ‘big picture’ issues in the marketplace, in addition to all of its intricacies.

Today’s condominium market is highly competitive — being armed with accurate data and top-of-the-line analytics are critical elements of a successful strategy. Urbanation is proud to have the most active developers, lenders, and professional service suppliers as our clients.

Urbanation is the authoritative source for information on Toronto’s condominium market. No matter the question, We’ve got the answers