Consulting Services

Urbanation regularly conducts high quality market feasibility studies for new condominium and purpose-built rental apartment projects across the country. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to our studies, leveraging our proprietary database, external data sources, on-the-ground-knowledge, industry contacts and, most importantly, our depth of analytical expertise.

We’ve analyzed the data, visited the sites, tracked the competition and seen what works and what doesn’t for over 30 years.

Studies can be customized to individual need, but typically include:

  • Big Picture Trends:
    Regional and submarket overviews, demand, supply and pricing dynamics, macroeconomic and demographic forces, and market projections.
  • Location Analysis:
    Submarket benchmarking, streetscape and neighbourhood context, transit access, commercial, infrastructure and employment landscape.
  • Local Demographics:
    Population distribution and forecasts, migration patterns, household characteristics and income levels.
  • Comparative Market Analysis:
    Market performance of current competition, comparable project profiles, target buyers/renters, factors supporting or limiting successful projects, and establishing demand and pricing thresholds.
  • Supply Competition:
    Analysis of current and future supply from inventory in new, resale and proposed projects, projected supply and demand growth, and assessment of impact on price/rent growth.
  • Recommendations:
    Achievable sale price/rental rates by unit type, optimal project size, suite mix and suite sizes, absorption rates, target audience, suite features and building amenities.